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Eyebrow tattooing with alopecia or hair loss helps to visually fill in the missing part. Formed along the anatomical lines of the face, permanent makeup naturally restores your appearance, making it complete and expressive. It helps to change not only the face but self-confidence as well.

alopecia eyebrows

With alopecia eyebrow tattoo can be excellent temporary or permanent (if the disease does not respond to treatment). Of all the existing types of permanent makeup, not all techniques are suitable for recreating eyebrows in the absence of hairs. Depending on gender, facial features, natural shade, one of the following technique is used:

  • Hair stroke / Microblading (machine technique)
  • Shading / Powder
  • Hair stroke (machine technique) + Shading

The result can be observed right after the procedure: the specialist creates natural eyebrows or corrects problem areas. The first few hours swelling and redness of the skin is possible, don't worry, it's a normal process.

The final result can be estimated in a month, by the middle of this period the pigment will become lighter, but soon the shade will become stable.

Alopecia eyebrow tattoo process:

The duration of the procedure lasts 1-3 hours.

The first and perhaps most important step after cleansing is discussing the shape, defining the shades, and drawing the outline. If there are no eyebrows at all, it is recommended to bring a picture so the specialist can focus on your natural innate look.


  • application of numbing cream;
  • drawing individual hairs;
  • shading (if necessary);

The technique of tattooing men's eyebrow alopecia differs from the method used for women since men's eyebrows are wider and have a rougher shape.

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