skin camouflage tattoo to eliminate skin discolouration

Unfortunately, medicine and cosmetology are not able to completely rid of stretch marks and scars, but there is a method to make them invisible. It is named skin camouflage tattoo.

Scar camouflage tattoo is a procedure that allows you to conceal skin imperfections with the help of specially selected natural shades of pigment. Specialist pick at least three colours of ink to achieve the most suitable natural skin tone. As a result, they become so inconspicuous that only you know about their location.

Permanent makeup to cover stretch marks and scars fits everyone who experiences skin discoloration due to injury, surgery, burn, or trauma.

stretch mark tattoo

First of all, specialist makes a consultation to discuss the possible outcome and select a pigment that perfectly matches the skin tone. Using a special machine, the colouring pigment is inserting into the second layer of the skin - under the epidermis. Don’t be scary - the entire process is painless. The correct picked pigment will match the natural skin tone as closely as possible.

scar camouflage tattoo

How long does the recovery period take?

The downtime period depends on the individual characteristics of the body system and organism. Therefore, it is difficult to set specific deadlines. However, on average, the final result can be seen after two months. The rehabilitation period is not difficult. The stretch marks will be swollen with a reddish tint. Then the swelling will subside and the scars will turn brownish. Over time, they adapt to the natural skin tone.

Contradictions after scar camouflage and stretch mark tattoo

During the recovery process, you can not take sunbaths.

Under the influence of sunlight, not fully healed scars can change colour and create a contrast between the natural skin tone and the result of skin tattooing. However, after the completion of the rehabilitation period, you can safely go to the beach.

skin camouflage tattoo

How long does the tattoo last?

On average, stretch marks tattoo lasts up to five years. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the body and body care.

Where can I get a scar camouflage tattoo in New York?

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