scars after hair transplant and surgeries will not bother you anymore

Scars micropigmentation on the scalp helps to conceal and reduce the visibility of scars due to accident, surgery, or hair transplants.

hair transplant scar tattoo

Scalp tattoo makes it possible to hide scars on the scalp from injuries or operations.

To get as natural as possible results, specially developed techniques for inserting pigment under the skin are used. The specialist’s goal is to create the illusion of real hair. The process is not fast and as a rule, is divided into several sessions.

Right after the hair transplant scar tattoo, the scar becomes reddish, also slight discomfort is possible. It usually subsides in a couple of days. During the first few days after the hair scar tattoo, the color will appear darker and brighter - no need to worry, this is a completely normal reaction.

After 3-5 days, the scalp begins to peel off - this is also quite normal. When the skin stops peeling, the color of the pigment will become noticeably lighter. After 7-10 days, everything will heal completely.

It is important to follow the next rules to get a long lasting result. Do not wet your scar tattoo during the healing process. When everything is healed, you can wash it again as often as you are used to - water does not affect the durability of the pigment.

Ultraviolet radiation affects badly, you should use special sunscreen sprays for your scalp, otherwise, the pigment may fade rapidly.

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Hair Transplant Scar Camouflage is performed by micropigmentation specialist Valeria.

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