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What is microblading?

Perfect, well-trimmed, and gracefully arched eyebrows make the face - this is the truth. But what if the eyebrows are thin, the hairs grow chaotically, or there are bald spots or scars? Such flaws can’t be corrected by any tinting. The solution is microblading, or the hairstrokes machine technique. The essence of the procedure is simple: a mineral-based coloring pigment is inserted into the upper layers of the skin through microscopic punctures. With the machine, the artist draws neat, thin lines, or hairs, on the surface of the skin. The hairs have different lengths and directions, intertwined with each other, creating an absolutely natural look. The microblading eyebrows machine technique uses hair drawing that replicates the growth and color of the client's natural eyebrows. Even upon close examination, these permanent makeup eyebrows are difficult to distinguish from the real ones. Valeria Micropigmentation in NYC uses 2 shades of pigment for the hairstrokes technique to add additional visual volume and a realistic effect. 

With microblading you can:

  • help thicken sparse eyebrows

  • correct asymmetry

  • add density

  • enhance light or thin hairs

  • conceal imperfections

  • add definition

  • conceal scars

The difference between hand and machine microblading 

The microblading hand technique is performed by using a tool similar to a pen. At the end of it, there are 7-16 needles welded together to form a very thin blade. Using the manual hair method,  the specialist is not able to constantly control the depth and rate of pigment injection. As a result, the client gets multicolored hairs made at different depths. Also, ugly micro scars are often formed on thin skin.

As for the microblading machine technique, Valeria uses only one single needle, which is a disposable cartridge. The thickness of the needles is only 0.20–0.35 mm, and these modern machines have minimal vibration, which allows the artist to draw the finest hairs with a soft beginning and a thin end, like natural eyebrows. It is simply impossible to achieve the same effect with a blade. 

Good to know

  • Microblading results can last for up to 12-18 months, depending on individual circumstances such as skin type, aftercare, health condition, and lifestyle.

  • It’s absolutely painless. Valeria applies effective numbing cream for a comfortable experience.

  • The entire treatment time is approximately 1.5-2 hours.

  • As a rule, clients don't experience any swelling. A slight redness may occur, but it is not very noticeable and will go away quickly after the procedure.

  • Healing should take around 5-12 days. However, this differs from person to person.

  • Microblading does not affect hair growth in any way.

  •  Microblading is a two-step process and the touch-up session is necessary to set the shape and color. A touch-up session done within 1 month of the initial treatment is extremely important to ensure perfect results.

If you are looking for a microblading in NYC, get immediate differences and natural-looking results with Valeria Micropigmentation. Schedule a FREE consultation or book an appointment now.

client results

client reviews

  • Very satisfied with the service and Valeria is just incredible when it comes to her craft. My mom had very old tattoo on her eyebrows and Valeria was getting rid of it with micro blading machine technique which looks incredibly realistic and the procedure was very comfortable.My mom was surprised about the lack of pain compared to her previous experiences. Results were incredible after just one procedure. Old tattoo almost faded away and we would highly recommend Valeria for any other cosmetic procedures in the future. Five stars overall👏
  • Valeria is very professional, she has a special vision of the result, she can be trusted 100% and I am incredibly pleased with her work. And the price is very reasonable compared to others who do the same job ... I am sure you will be very pleased with the work and attitude of this wonderful girl!
  • As an esthetican for over 8 years i look for people like Valeria who takes pride in her work. I had areola restoration. She truly is the best, she does amazing work and pays attention to details, she listens to everything you want to achieve and strives to do exactly what you want and how you want it done, in my opinion she is a true professional with amazing skills in her profession. I had an incredible experience working with her. I highly recommend. You wont be disappointed. Her work is a confidence booster and life changing. She truly cares for her clients and helping woman! Thanks val you rock!!!
  • Valaria is incredibly talented and meticulous in her work. This treatment left my lips looking enhanced but incredibly natural.I have extremely sensitive skin, however Valeria went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable during the entire procedure. I highly recommend her work.Thank you Valeria + I am SO HAPPY with my new lips!
  • Valeria is so kind and professional! She made me so comfortable with the entire process and always answered all of my questions. She is a great communicator and did a fantastic job on my eyebrows! I am so so happy with the results and I highly recommend her.

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