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Perfect, well-trimmed, and gracefully arched eyebrows "make" the face - this is the truth. But what if they are thin, the hairs grow chaotically, or even there are bald spots and scars? Such flaws cannot be corrected by any tinting.

Here is a solution - an eyebrow tattoo with the hairstrokes technique. The essence of the technique is simple: a mineral-based coloring pigment is inserted into the upper layers of the skin through microscopic punctures. With the machine, the artist draws neat thin lines on the surface of the skin. The micropigmentation technique will help thicken sparse eyebrows, correct asymmetry, and conceal imperfections.

Microblading eyebrows machine technique is a hair drawing that repeats the growth and colour of the client's natural eyebrows. Valeria Micropigmentation in NYC uses 2 shades of pigment for hairstrokes technique to add additional visual volume and realistic effect. Only the highest qualifications specialist may create a neat, desirable shape.

The hairs have different lengths and directions, intertwined with each other, creating an absolutely natural look. Even on close up examination, these permanent makeup eyebrows are difficult to distinguish from the real ones.

Hand and machine microblading tattoo techniques are different. The microblading hand technique is performed by using a tool similar to a pen. At the end of it, there are 7-16 needles welded together or a very thin blade. Using the hair method performed manually (microblading) the specialist can not constantly control the depth and rate of pigment injection. As a result of healing, the client gets multi-colored hairs made at different depths. Also, ugly micro scars are often formed on thin skin.

As for microblading (machine technique), the thickness of the needles is only 0.25–0.4 mm, and modern expensive machines have minimal vibration, which allows drawing the finest hairs with a soft beginning and a thin end, like natural eyebrows. It is simply impossible to achieve the same effect with a blade. Hairstrokes eyebrows last up to two years.

An eyebrow tattoo is performed using numbing cream. Do not drink coffee or energy drinks before the procedure.

The cost of the best microblading (machine technique) in NYC provided by qualified and experienced specialists is quite high, but it cannot be cheap. Nothing can be neglected, because not only beauty is important, but also safety.

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