Microblading removal – laser or remover?

Undesired microblading , tattoo, or permanent makeup is a common situation. Once you decided to get rid of it, there are 2 methods perfect for microblading removal or tattoo - laser and chemical remover.

Laser tattoo removal method

Laser eyebrow tattoo removal one of the most popular, it destroys the coloring pigment by heating it. As a rule, clients don’t aware of the disadvantages of this method.


  • a large number of procedures. For complete eyebrow tattoo removal, 5-12 sessions may be required
  • procedures should be done 2-3 weeks apart. Thereforemicroblading removal may take a few months
  • it’s painful
  • the laser does not destroy light color pigments as red, yellow, beige, and white
  • not for all skin types: when exposed to dark skin, the rays can be scattered, not penetrating to a sufficient depth
  • expensive and required a large number of procedures
  • affects the eyebrows hairs color, can lead to their disappearance

eyebrow tattoo removal

Chemical remover

Remover is a chemical composition cream injected under the skin using a permanent makeup machine. The remover does not destroy the coloring pigment inside the skin but removes it from the body. This method is much safer for the skin and health in general. Unlike a laser, a remover has a gentle effect on the skin of the face, so it is widely used for lips tattoo removal, microblading, or eyebrow tattoo removal.

There are different brand removers with different effectiveness. We use "Rejuvi" - one of the safest and most effective methods of pigment removal, which does not leave scars or other defects on the skin.


  • removes pigments of any color and type with equal efficiency
  • only 1-4 sessions required
  • minimizes the risk of scarring and skin tightening
  • a hypoallergenic composition
  • comfortable procedure, minimal sensitiveness
  • the result is visible after 2 weeks
  • unlike the laser method, it does not affect the color of its hairs on the body and face
  • the pigment color and depth does not matter.

Is tattoo removal for me?

It’s your option to improve your appearance if you experience anything the below:

  • the unsuccessful or asymmetric shape of eyebrow tattoo or lip tattoo;
  • inappropriate color;
  • large depth of the paint, which excludes the laser procedure;
  • the color of the microblading has changed;
  • you are not happy with the result of microblading or permanent makeup.

If you are looking for a microblading removal in New York schedule a FREE consultation today.

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