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  • Scalp density
  • Scar Camouflage



  • Realistic 3D Areola and Nipple tattoo
  • Areola Scar Camouflage
  • Decorative Areola / Heart-Shaped Areola

Alopecia / hair loss

Eyebrow tattooing with alopecia or hair loss helps to visually fill in the missing part. Formed along the anatomical lines of the face, permanent makeup naturally restores your appearance, making it complete and expressive. It helps to change not only the face but self-confidence as well.


  • areola
  • Head
  • Face and Body
cosmetic tattoo
medical tattoo

What is medical tattoo?

Sometimes in life, there are situations such as accidents, injuries, trauma, burns or surgeries after which ugly scars are formed. Some people attach great importance to these flaws, others not, but many people choose to get rid of these cosmetic defects. Medical tattooing can help to hide scars and other visual imperfections as a method of aesthetic cosmetology aimed at correcting defects.

What defects can be disguised with a cosmetic tattoo

The procedure consists of dyeing the defective tissue with specific ink that matches the color of the skin or surrounding area, for example, scars on eyebrows, lips, head, areola or other parts of the body. Modern tools and techniques make defects invisible to others.

Where can medical tattooing be applied to:

  • improve areola and nipple in terms of aesthetic appearance or the presence of stitches after plastic surgery

  • camouflage stretch mark scars

  • paint over light areas of skin with vitiligo

  • restore eyebrow loss caused by alopecia or chemotherapy

  • correct burns or scars on the body, face or head

  • mask the use of stitches after breast reconstruction or breast reduction and other surgical interventions

Benefits of the micropigmentation:

  • minimal downtime, fast skin healing

  • minimal violation of tissue integrity

  • lack of pain during the procedure

  • low level of tissue trauma

  • low level of risk of hyperpigmentation

  • Instant results

  • lack of long-term rehabilitation recovery time

Good to know

  • The result depends on many factors. The client must follow the aftercare instructions. If you disregard aftercare, the scar will heal poorly and the color of the scar will not change, so there is a risk of dissatisfaction.

  • Touch up sessions are allowed to be performed no earlier than one month after the first procedure. This will allow you to accurately assess the final result and improve upon its completion.

  • The procedure has to be renewed about once every 2-5 years because the process involves applying pigment in the upper layer of the skin, so the body can partially get rid of it.

  • The skin has different shades on different parts of the body and may differ in one area. Therefore, make sure that your specialist uses not one color, but several at once to match the area as exactly as possible.

  • Camouflage only areas that have been with you for more than 4 months - so you can be sure that the healing process is complete.

The procedure stages:

  1. First, Valeria cleans and disinfects the skin.

  2. Then Valeria selects or blends the best match of pigment.

  3. Numbing cream is applied if necessary.

  4. Pigment is inserted using only disposable sterile tools, needles and pigment tubes. The process lasts from 30 minutes to 2 hours.

  5. Transparent dressing is applied if necessary, which protects the treated area from any infection.

  6. Valeria explains how to take care of the area after treatment.

  7. Full healing occurs within 4-6 weeks, when the final color will appear. The next session is scheduled. 2-4 sessions required.

How to care after the procedure

At the end of the session, the scar tissue turns red and there is a slight swelling that subsides in 1-2 days. After a few days a crust may form, which will disappear on its own in a couple of days. To prevent inflammation and other complications, it is necessary to look after the treated area. The more thorough the care is, the faster the recovery process will be, and consequently the better the results will be. Dry healing is highly recommended, so no bathhouse, sauna, swimming pool, or water for a few days. Excessive moisture and sweat allows pathogenic microorganisms to penetrate the damaged skin. Do not use any scrub, peeling, or other abrasive. The crust should peel off by itself.


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus

  • taking antibiotics, drugs that prevent blood clots

  • dermatological diseases occurring in an aggravated form

  • the presence of freckles, moles, warts on the skin in the area of the proposed treatment

  • keloid scars

  • Do not try to get a medical tattoo on pink scars. The color indicates that the regeneration is incomplete, so you risk getting another injury.

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client reviews

  • Very satisfied with the service and Valeria is just incredible when it comes to her craft. My mom had very old tattoo on her eyebrows and Valeria was getting rid of it with micro blading machine technique which looks incredibly realistic and the procedure was very comfortable.My mom was surprised about the lack of pain compared to her previous experiences. Results were incredible after just one procedure. Old tattoo almost faded away and we would highly recommend Valeria for any other cosmetic procedures in the future. Five stars overall👏
  • Valeria is very professional, she has a special vision of the result, she can be trusted 100% and I am incredibly pleased with her work. And the price is very reasonable compared to others who do the same job ... I am sure you will be very pleased with the work and attitude of this wonderful girl!
  • As an esthetican for over 8 years i look for people like Valeria who takes pride in her work. I had areola restoration. She truly is the best, she does amazing work and pays attention to details, she listens to everything you want to achieve and strives to do exactly what you want and how you want it done, in my opinion she is a true professional with amazing skills in her profession. I had an incredible experience working with her. I highly recommend. You wont be disappointed. Her work is a confidence booster and life changing. She truly cares for her clients and helping woman! Thanks val you rock!!!
  • Valaria is incredibly talented and meticulous in her work. This treatment left my lips looking enhanced but incredibly natural.I have extremely sensitive skin, however Valeria went above and beyond to ensure that I was comfortable during the entire procedure. I highly recommend her work.Thank you Valeria + I am SO HAPPY with my new lips!
  • Valeria is so kind and professional! She made me so comfortable with the entire process and always answered all of my questions. She is a great communicator and did a fantastic job on my eyebrows! I am so so happy with the results and I highly recommend her.

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