Permanent makeup

daily perfection without daily effort


  • Powder Eyebrows / Ombre Brows
  • Hair stroke / Microblading (machine technique)
  • Alopecia / Hair loss
  • Male Eyebrows


  • Natural Lip Blush / Ombré
  • Dark Lip Neutralization
  • Lips Enhancement (Hyaluron Pen)

Permanent makeup or semi-permanent makeup is one of the most demanded services in the beauty industry in New York. The technique is based on inserting pigment under the skin, resulting in a makeup effect that is not washed off with water. You will always look perfect with it!

Advantages of the procedure:

  • long-lasting effect;
  • saving time and money, which are usually spent on the purchase and application of decorative cosmetics;
  • correction of imperfections, correction of the shape of lips, eyes, and eyebrows;
  • painlessness of the procedure;
  • the possibility of correction or removal using a laser or remover.

permanent makeup

Stages of permanent makeup

  1. The master selects the desired colour of the pigment.
  2. Sketch with a makeup pencil.
  3. Applies an antibacterial agent and numbing cream to the tattoed area.
  4. Starts the tattooing procedure.
  5. After the session, explain aftercare recommendations.

Valeria Micropigmentation has several techniques for permanent makeup in NYC.

Eyebrow tattoo

  • hair stroke method - drawing individual hairs in directions that mimic their natural growth, in order to increase the density and volume of the eyebrows;
  • powdered eyebrows, or microshading - the pigment is evenly distributed in the gaps between the hairs, emphasizing the natural shape of the eyebrows;
  • ombre - a smooth stretch of the pigment color from light to darker along the entire eyebrow line without sharp borders.

Lip tattoo

  • lip liner - the ink emphasizes the outer line of the lips, and the inner part is filled with pigment without a visible border with the contour;
  • lip blush tattoo - the pigment is shaded evenly over the entire surface, the contour is not drawn;
  • 3D, or Ombre technique - the artist makes a smooth stretch of colour - from light in the middle to dark along the contour;
  • lipstick effect - lips are completely covered with one colour, thereby simulating the result of applying lipstick.

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