adorn your body with a unique fine line tattoo

Single line tattoo is one of the most popular trends nowadays. These types of tattoos are patterns and images of fine lines. Most of these works are black and white, less often with elements of red.

Fine line tattooSingle line tattoo

This style makes it possible to embody a wide variety of ideas, everything here depends only on your imagination and the artists’ skills.

  • Abstract compositions;
  • Geometric shapes and patterns;
  • Stylized images of animals or birds, the most popular here are lions or deer;
  • Flowers and floral ornaments;
  • Minimalistic plots from lines;
  • Contours of people.

The location of the tattoo depends on the size of your future tattoo. For small images, the following are great:

  • Wrists;
  • Neck;
  • Clavicle;
  • Ankles;
  • Feet.

Line thickness plays a major role in fine line tattoos. By increasing the line thickness highlights the most important contours of the drawing. And thin lines visually fade into the background, becoming secondary.

The tattoos are made in one continuous line based on the concept of single line drawings in the visual arts in particular - the graphics of Pablo Picasso.

Single line tattoo

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